Hello my name is Erik, I am ready to move out alone for the first time by January 2020. I am somewhat introverted, I mind my own business, I am financially independent and extremely responsible, I don't live a lavish life and don't care about appearances, I am very neutral and open minded. I am not straight but I am not gay either and I hope that can be respected. I get along better with men so...
I m Destiny, I'm a front desk receptionist and music is everything to me. I like my space respected, I only smoke weed, I m a clean person, I love cooking and I value privacy.
Aloha! I am coming from the Big Island with work and looking for one roommate to split a two bedroom apartment with me. I am very easy-going and always down for adventures! I will be working the majority of my time here but I am looking for a roommate that would love to hang out on the weekends and explore Miami! message me on social media: annaleapedraza for further details.
Heading to Miami from Los Angeles for job opportunity. Into lifting weights, beach days and working.
What's Good! My name is Julien, but I go by "Julz" or "JJ" I'm a student at Florida International University and a developing real estate entrepreneur. I currently live in Coral Gables, but my lease is up in August, so I'm looking to find a new roommate and place to live as soon as possible. I pretty much work on building my business all day... but I do enjoy music & I like to have a good time....
I work downtown and i have lots of hobbies, too many to list here. As a roommate, im super clean and organized. I wont dig on you if you re not organized - but i will if youre not clean. I like pets, i dont like living with them but if your dog is cool, ill be cool. I like sharing and splitting costs like groceries, TP, and paper towels. Ill help you with your chores and share my food - you jus...
I m getting my undergrad degree in hotel management and event planning. I start work at the 1 hotel at end of July
Im a very positive individual. Very social, i like to keep things organized. Im business minded and I like fitness a lot
I m a very neat person, i like things to be kept orderly and clean. I am very quiet so i won t wake you up when i leave early in the morning. I will respect your space and i expect the same back.
A 29 year old guy from Chile, very laid back not much of a party person. Very clean and respectful to my peers. Moving back to Miami after 5 years of studying abroad. Looking to have a roommate hopefully the nearest to the MIA Airport. Moving back with a guaranteed job, therefore I need a roommate hopefully around the same age, and in the same circumstances.